Strategy Station 3

  • »Orientiering Walk«

    In agency jargon, this is called »kick-off workshop«, but we call it »Orienteering Walk« and mean it just as it is, because instead of a mutual presentation of our expertise, we begin the cooperation with a shared experience of the task in the woods.

    There’s great potential in the simplicity of a walk, without any external pressure or effort. You have time and space for awareness and reflection.
    On what kind of terrain does our path run? Where does it start? What’s our destination, and how
    do we feel while we’re travelling? What moves do we make, how fast do we go? What are our strengths?
    Are there pitfalls? Trails? What about the views, gradients and breakpoints of the path? Whom do we meet on the path and how? What’s the direction of our journey and what are our objectives?